Documentation of archaeological sites and monuments

Note the buildings in the background; this is in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. If there is a designated path, they should remain on it. This isn't just in terms of explaining that vandalism is bad, but rather to also educate them on the importance of these sites and what can be lost if they do chose to vandalize the site.

A site Dossier, additionally collects all known material including archival references, previous published material, plans, drawings and photos into a single reference document. The standard is intended for use in conjunction with the data model selected for the national or regional database.

The sites were under State Archaeology or unprotected. In developing the standard, the working group recognised the importance of reaching a wide audience and involving archaeologists in as many countries as possible.

In the city of Lisichansk we were particularly surprised to record the destruction of many late nineteenth and early twentieth century buildings. Archaeological documentation Submitted by Tammy Herron, President An important aspect of conducting archaeology is documentation.

Archaeological documentation

Any area of state land reserved for archaeological purpose before the date on which this Ordinance comes into operation, whether by notification in the gazette or otherwise, should be deemed as an archaeological reserve.

In the case that the site cannot be properly preserved while in the open due to funding or other reasonsone of the better conservation techniques is simply to rebury the site in order to protect it from further deterioration. Entered into a National Database that is easily searchable in order to educate the public.

Martha Demas has created a great outline that conservators can rely on in order to create the most impactful plan. National Register of Historic Places [22] To be listed, site must meet at least one of four criteria: Get additional resources for care and maintenance of property.

An example of intentional vandalism is graffiti.

Archaeological Reports

This goes beyond just vandalism. How are the values of the site going to be preserved. Together, we worked to gather evidence of artillery shelling of Ukrainian cultural assets and catalogue other damage such as the digging of military trenches, and assess from which group of combatants Russian or Ukrainian were responsible for particular damage.

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For what purpose is the site being conserved and managed. Typically for urban sites it involves working out proposals involving various urban departments and urban concerns — traffic, parking, water supply, sewage, electricity and city council.

If the site is then left open, there is a renewal of deterioration since areas are now re-exposed to the weather. Old architecture of Lisichansk city: Provide a model that can be used as a framework by organisations wishing to establish new recording systems, Encourage consistency in the recording of archaeological sites and monuments, Function as an exchange format for the sharing of data Form the basis of collaborative projects.

Room on the second floor of museum after shelling: Shell crater on multiperiod site Zanivske-I: Outlines treatment of cultural items, with which they can show a relationship of lineal descent or cultural affiliation.

Discussion includes the processing required to produce the final models and the level of vegetation removal that can be achieved from the multiple return signals of the LiDAR pulse. As walls and structures fall, they settle in different patterns and wind and water fill in the openings with dirt and dust.

Conservation and restoration of archaeological sites

In developing the standard, the working group recognised the importance of reaching a wide audience and involving archaeologists in as many countries as possible.

Moving from the former specific paradigm of institutional GIS of the Special Superintendence for the Colosseum and the Central Archaeological Area of Rome - the territorial institute of the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Tourism, in charge of the census, protection, study and promotion of the archaeological heritage of Rome, the SITAR web platform is currently evolving towards an advanced and participatory knowledge organization system, for the benefit of both the scientific and citizen community.

In the shell crater on the site we are recovered a Late Neolithic flint flake. Two fundamental events have characterized the project in terms of evolving concept and primary scopes scientific knowledge sharing, archaeological research network building, public engagement, data and knowledge openness and completeness: House after shelling in Valuyske village near stanitsa Luhanska: The re-plastering then adds that layer of protection back and in many cases was at least the same technique as originally even if it isn't exactly the same material.

The Nazis during World War II destroyed many buildings during the planned destruction of Warsawincluding several palaces and other buildings dating back to before the 13th century.

fast and accurate documentation of archaeological sites USING IN THE FIELD PHOTOGRAMMETRIC TECHNIQUES Charalampos GEORGIADIS, Vassilios TSIOUKAS, Lazaros SECHIDIS, Efstratios STYLIANIDIS, Petros PATIAS.

Core Data Standard for Archaeological Sites and Monuments The Core Data Standard for Archaeological Sites and Monuments is the result of a collaboration between the documentation committee (CIDOC) of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and the archaeology documentation group of the Council of Europe.

Archaeological sites Archaeological Sites World Heritage Sites Underwater Archaeology Sites Museums Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage. documentation of inland archaeological sites and monuments inland with increased accuracy and minimal processing times, methods for documenting submerged archaeological sites, especially in shallow waters, are insufficient, while the use of.

How we should understand documentation of archaeological sites, historic buildings and monuments according to their particularities, categories, types, components of documentation, taking into. OCNSHWKEICN OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES; THE GREEK ICNLMBfES Y. TZEDAKIS Director of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities Ministry of Culture Summary The advanced state of stone deterioration of most monuments in Greece has led to interventions on many of them.

Documentation of archaeological sites and monuments
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Documenting the Cultural Heritage: introduction